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  • VIDEO: How to use your Arc lame.
  • VIDEO: How to use your UFO lame.
  • Q: How is Covid-19 affecting shipping? A: Presently order processing time is 1 business day, but we are only shipping in the USA. If you are outside of the USA, please see the Resellers page and order from one of our retailers around the globe.  
  • Q: My UFO is stuck, what should I do? A: If the blade is out, the first thing to do is use masking tape or the thickest tape you have and wrap up the blade so you can apply a bit of force without the possibility of cutting yourself. Then place the UFO between the palms of your hands and push in firmly while twisting counter-clockwise. If you use some strength, this will usually do the trick. If the blade is not sticking out, I recommend soaking the UFO with a food grade mineral and letting it soak in for 5-10 minutes. Then re-attempt opening. Last but not least, try putting your UFO in the fridge or freezer for a bit! If none of these strategies work, please contact us to help resolve the issue!
  • Q: What can I do to prevent my UFO from sticking? A: The number one cause of a stuck UFO is over-tightening. It should not require much force to prevent the blade from slipping. I recommend mounting the blade with the screw through the middle slot in the blade. This ensures safety and makes it easy to achieve a secure blade. If you'd like to mount the blade off of the screw for more extension of the edge, I suggest either the Corbeau of Nux models as they are stiffer than the other UFO models. Also, keep your UFO well oiled. Any oil that will not go rancid is fine. I soak them overnight in food grade mineral oil before shipping, but the paper wrap inside wicks much of the oil away. I highly recommend a good oil bath to preserve the wood, prevent warping and prevent the UFO from sticking. Wipe off your blade before installing it in your UFO. The Astra blades come with a slightly gummy residue on them-to keep them enclosed in their wrapping. Just wipe it off with a damp towel and you're ready to go! Try to avoid closing your UFO if there is flour residue in between the two halves, this can turn into a kind of glue, and can result in a stuck UFO as well. 
  • Q: How do I care for my UFO? A: A good oil bath when the wood starts to appear dry. If the UFO is not well oiled and gets wet, the wood may warp. If there is flour in the engravings, you can use a stiff bristle nylon brush, like an old toothbrush or our fine brass wire brush, dip the brush in the oil and work out the flour while working in the oil. We suggest using our food grade fractionated coconut oil, as it is not petroleum based, but any oil that will not go rancid is fine. Give the UFO a good soak, overnight is fine. It will darken and look beautiful! Make sure to wipe off any excess oil once the UFO has been fully soaked, and do not wash with water, as it will result in the wood warping. 
  • Q: Do I have to pay import duties if I'm shipping outside the USA? A: Many countries charge additional fees and often hold packages until you go and pick it up from customs. For example, import duties in the UK amount to about 13GBP! You are much better off ordering from my UK reseller. All of my Official international resellers are listed on the main page. If you are trying to purchase from a seller that is not listed, they are not selling my products. Please do not purchase counterfeit UFOs, they are of lesser quality, often laser etched vs engraved, poor hardware, soft wood, etc.