About Us

Serendipitously, my wife was teaching herself to bake sourdough and I was itching to make something new. I saw her scoring with a razor mounted on a coffee stirrer and thought to myself that I could make a better blade holder. My web searches led me to videos of bakers scoring dough with bare blades. So I set out to make a lame as small and light as possible, and almost immediately the idea for the circular lame came to me. I named it the UFO because of my affinity for 1950's scifi films.

There are starting to be more and more counterfeits out in the world. I hope you will buy an original Wire Monkey UFO from us for the following reasons:

- We invented it.

- We don't use plastics or harsh chemicals.

- We pay fair wages.

- We love and give back to the baking community and are deeply involved in the Real Bread movement.

- We make beautiful objects that feel good in the hand and will last a lifetime or two if you treat them well.

- We are a small, family run and owned company.

- We stand behind our products 100%.

- We are based in Connecticut, USA.

Thanks for stopping by!