Brown glass bottle of fractionated coconut oil
UFO Nux lame soaking in our fractionated coconut oil
Hand brushing UFO lame and showing bottle of fractionated coconut oil


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(Does not include a UFO or wire brush)

This coconut oil will not go rancid and is perfect for moisturizing your wooden Wire Monkey lames, or any wooden kitchen utensils and cutting boards. It even makes your skin soft!

Stop using petroleum based mineral oil products in your kitchen!

Look ma, no plastics! As always, we use no plastics or chemicals in or around our products. This beautiful apothecary style amber bottle is made of glass. The cap is made from metal and has a paper and metal foil seal. 

If you'd like a brass brush for scrubbing out your lames or other kitchen stuff, you'll save a bit if you order the care kit.

ATTENTION! We use a latex rubber seal to prevent the cap from coming undone during shipping. If you have a latex allergy, please take care in removing the seal.