Bakers, please stop using plastics.


  • Q: My UFO is stuck, what should I do? A: If the blade is out, the first thing to do is use masking tape or the thickest tape you have and wrap up the blade so you can apply a bit of force without the possibility of cutting yourself. Then place the UFO between the palms of your hands and push in firmly while twisting counter-clockwise. If you use some strength, this will usually do the trick.
  • Q: What can I do to prevent my UFO from sticking? A: The number one cause of a stuck UFO is over tightening. It should not require much force to prevent the blade from slipping. I only recommend mounting the blade with the screw through the slot in the blade. This ensures safety and makes it easy to achieve a secure blade. If you'd like to mount the blade off of the screw for more extension of the edge, I suggest either the Corbeau of Nux models as they are stiffer than the other UFO models. Also, keep your UFO well oiled. Any oil that will no go rancid is fine. I soak them overnight in food grade mineral oil before shipping, but the paper wrap inside wicks much of the oil away and I highly recommend a good oil bath to preserve the wood, prevent warping and prevent the UFO from sticking. 
  • Q: How do I care for my UFO? A good oil bath when the wood starts to appear dry. If there is flour in the engravings, you can use a stiff bristle nylon brush, like an old toothbrush or fine brass, dip the brush in the oil and work out the flour while working in the oil. I use food grade mineral oil, but any oil that will not go rancid is fine. Give the UFO a good soak, overnight is fine. It will darken and look beautiful!