Alex Ricciardi Simply marvelous video editor and assistant director in NYC.
JFA Sound A fantastic post and production sound mixer here in NYC.
R.A.M.P.S. A news group where you can ask the really difficult questions about production sound.
Professional-Sound Services The finest sound rental joint in the world. You always get personal support and three day rental weeks! It truely is a one stop shop. Tell them I sent you.
Kalitza Pagan Wardrobe Stylist, best in New York!
Lisa Myers Fantastic production designer, art director, set/prop designer!
B&H Photo Video A great retailer that sells just about everything you could possibly need for video or photography. If you are a photographer, you must join this site. It's free for the basic package and friends don't have to sign up to view your work. You can see my stuff if you click on the Photos button. An amazing source of information about digital video. I can't tell you how much I've learned from this forum. I cast my video, Comedy on Comedy, almost exclusively from this site. Their system made the process ten times easier than if I had to track everything myself. There is no better way to fly. You can even watch video clips of the actors in action. I great webzine for the low budget filmmaker. They were kind enough to repost my DIY stuff. They have hosted my sites for many years with virtually zero down time.
Elgin Bolling Elgin created the characters in the Chipmunk vs. Greek Warrior cartoon featured in my short film Comedy on Comedy. Check out his blog, which he updates regularly and he has a book for his artwork for sale too!
Endless Picnic The best film production, rental, editing and color correction house in NY!