Wire Monkey DIY Project: Furry Wind Muff

Here is a simple high wind muff, but the fabric I chose is too thick and significantly cuts the highs. I have to find something else. If anyone has a suggestion, please email me. But the basic design is solid and I will use it again.

As you can see, I chose a swank white and blue fur.

First you have to turn the fur side toward your blimp and mark off the size. Make it larger to allow for the seams. I sewed about 3/8" from the edge. The fur piece will look like a rectangle, just like your blimp piece. Then you have to cut two end cap circles. The rear one has to be slightly larger because of the overlapping cover.

Here is the full circle sewn at the front end of the muff. You can see the two snaps.

I bought a snap crimping tool and some snaps at the local fabric barn for around $15 bucks, a worthwhile investment. It also makes eyelets. I measured these out by placing the fabric on the blimp after the two end covers were sewn on.

Here it is on the blimp. I'm snapping the front snap.

Here it is going on.

All together now!

Good luck.