Wire Monkey DIY Project: Boom Pole

Carbon Fibre boom poles are expensive, however, carbon fibre telescoping fishing net poles are not. So, why not cross over? The Fox Match Conspiracy 2 piece 3M Carbon Composite Telescopic Landing Net Handle, is available at wackerbaits.com for $36.99 plus shipping. It is listed as the Net Handle, Foc Conspiracy 3.0m. It can support about 16lbs and is extremely light weight. The drawback is that the extension is a compression type that only locks at the maximum extension of 3 meters. So it is either 1.5 meters or 3 meters. Nothing in between. I'm willing to deal with that. Another drawback is that the microphone cable will have to be wrapped around the outside of the pole. No fancy internal deals here. I'm willing to deal with these issues at this price point. The other issue was that the thread is too course for anything relating to the film or audio world. So I purchased a 5/8-27 die to cut external threads on the pole end. This is the thread size of a standard microphone stand.

Here you go, simple:

Here is the pole collapsed to about 1.5 meters.

This die is used to cut a 27 count thread onto a 5/8" diameter rod. The tip of this carbon fibre pole happens to be just under 5/8" so I was in luck. It works well. Use some type of oil when cutting and make sure you are threading it one straight. Also, make sure to grip the brass tip of the pole only, not the carbon fibre part. You might break it.

Here is a link to at least one USA supplier that carries this odd sized die.

The catalog number is for the die is 1-368-17-27.


You'll also need the die handle, PN: 1-390-03.


When cutting, back off and clear the metal chips away frequently. The die and handle can be had for about $20 online. I paid a tad bit more from a local tool supplier, but didn't have to pay shipping so it about evened out. I've seen the die online for about $11.

Here is the label on the pole. I believe that Fox is an English company and the female thread on the tip is course and useless for audio applications.

Here is a shot of the joint. I call it a compression joint, but more simply put, these two pieces are tapered tubes. The smaller one remains inside and slides out to telescope. I suppose you could extend it only partway and gaffer's tape it in place if medium lengths are required..

Good luck.